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  • Reeb et al. (2014). “Malaysian EFB Biomass,” BioResources 9(3), 5385-5416 5385. Supply Chain Analysis, Delivered Cost, and Life Cycle. Assessment of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Biomass for. Green Chemical Production in Malaysia. Carter W. Reeb, Tyler Hays, Richard A. Venditti,* Ronalds Gonzalez, and Steve Kelley.

  • efb fiber making oilmakingmachine - youtube

    EFB Fiber making oilmakingmachine - YouTube

  • Ho, oilmakingmachine., Carvalheiro, F., Duarte, oilmakingmachine., Roseiro, oilmakingmachine., Charalampopoulos, D., Rastall, oilmakingmachine., 2014. Production and purification of xylooligosaccharides from oil palm empty fruit bunch fibre by a non-isothermal process. Bioresour. Technol. 152, 526–529. https://oilmakingmachine/oilmakingmachine/oilmakingmachine, Google Scholar Crossref,