Raw material: animal fat or oil, poultry oil, fish oil ect

Processing capacity: 500kg t0 500tons per day

Final product: B100 biodiesel

Technology introduction

  • Oils and fats are preprocessed to remove water and contaminants

  • Pretreatment removes FFA

  • Oils and fats are mixed with an alcohol and catalyst

  • Triglycerides are broken apart and reformed into methyl esters and glycerin

  • Separated and purified

  • Quality standard The quality indexes of rapeseed oil and acid oil production of biodiesel oil

    Main Technical Performance Index

    Item Product index
    Density (15℃) 0.82-0.90 g·cm-3
    Flash Point ≥ 130 ℃
    Cold Filter Plugging Point Report
    Sulfur Content ≤ 0.05 %
    Sulphated Ash ≤ 0.02 %
    Ash (oxidation) ≤ 0.02 %
    Water Content ≤ 500 mg·kg-1
    Cetane Ratio ≥ 47
    Acid Value ≤ 0.80 mgKOH·g-1

    Process Advantages:

    1 Multi-Feedstock Flexibility

    2 Biodiesel of highest quality

    3 Simple process management

    4 Low operating costs

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