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  • processing technologies and machinery that can be used for the extraction of palm oil and palm kernel oil, and . the screw-presses and expellers can be used for extrusion and de-watering applications. Therefore .. manufacturers able to offer equipment that can process from 10 kg to several tonnes per hour. Alongside

  • Sep 23, 2017 Palm oil press machine also called palm oil extraction machine ,palm oil expeller machine or palm oil extractor oilmakingmachine small Capacity(kg/h), 300-500. Main Power(kw), Diesel:8HP Moter:4Kw. Main Shaft Speed, 25-35r/min. Boiling Time, 2h. Weight(kg), 350. Packed Size(mm), 1500*800*1200

  • small palm oil expeller/palm oil press machine running video

    Small palm oil expeller/palm oil press machine running video

  • Dec 3, 2014 Our engineers fucos on new technology researches all the time;We have designed a new small palm oil press machine with capacity 500kg/h. Capacity( kg/h). 300-500 kg/h. Main Power (kw). Diesel engine:8HP. Motor: 4kw. Main Shaft Speed. 25-35r/min. Boiling Time. 2h(100 degree steam or water).

  • The presses delivered low pressures and relied on manual labour for pressure development. The throughput was about 50 kg per hour or oilmakingmachine tonnes per day. For the really small-scale extractors in villages with small patches of oil palm farms these screw-presses gained widespread preference. Here, the traditional mortar

  • Generally machines are produced having a 1 tonne/hr capacity for palm oil while the palm kernel machines have rated throughputs of 150-250 kg/hr. Equipment includes: Item. Caltech-type palm oil presses (both manual and motorised). Cookers. Expeller. Fruit threshers. Horizontal digester with spindle-press combination

  • Model, Capacity (kg/H), Engine or Power. Weight. (kg). Size (mm). Residue oil. of cake. XG-130 palm oil press, 200-300, 4Kw Electrical motor /8Hp Diesel engine, 480, 1350*650*1260, 8%. XG-160 palm oil press, 500-600, oilmakingmachine Electrical motor /15Hp Diesel engine, 620, 1650*710*1460, 8%. XG-200 palm oil press

  • The performance test analysis indicates that the separation capacity is about 500 Kg/h palm oil production. This modified machine will also enhance the recovery of the fibre and palm kernels. The palm kernels can also be used to produce palm kernel . The NIFOR mechanical screw-press is the latest used by the small.